Medical Billing Audit

Medical Billing Audit

Across the globe, various medical practices lose a lot of money just because of poor coding practices and billing. Medical billing audit is the remedy that they need to follow for a flawless billing & coding practice.

How Medical Billing Audit Helps?

Compiling error-free medical claims is critical for the survival of any practice. Whether it is a government or a private practice, they need to ensure streamlined workflow. It is essential to provide valuable solutions to patients. Against that, they receive a fruitful revenue cycle, fulfilling their all-important financial goals.

Many people believe that the auditing process involves just clinical data review. The truth is that it is more than that. Submitting claims is not the complete thing done. There is a complete process that begins from the registration of a patient to posting payments, patient statements, and collections.

It is always better to do something for prevention rather than finding a cure after. So, don’t you believe that it is a much better idea to evaluate and examine your billing performance ahead of time? It will rectify all potential issues. This is why medical billing audit holds critical importance.

Medical Billing and Present Laws and Regulations

It is essential to line up your billing with today’s laws and regulations. During the medical audit, we will analyze a few key billing functions. Those functions include:

  • Medical coding
  • Billing documentation
  • Outdated practices and under-coding
  • Errors in the patient demographics
  • Displaced ICD 10/ CPT codes

We will prepare a thorough report, targeting and identifying all revenue cycle areas that need improvement. This information is critical to fix all potential issues that can be a big challenge for your revenue cycle.

Let Us Help You with Our Value-Based Billing and Coding Process

The process of medical billing & coding consists of 9 major steps. The odds of a mishap occuring are always there. Even when your medical billing cycle is going smoothly, it is still up against various potential threats. For the continuous upgrade in your billing process, Fast Billing Solutions is always here to keep identifying potential areas for you.

We will ensure that you have a productive and efficient billing & coding system. Remember that rectifying all defective areas is the key if you want to make a huge, positive impact. And, we will help you maximize medical billing performance and streamline RCM.

Our team of medical billing audit professionals will assist you in identifying errors by:

  • Conducting a detailed risk-management analysis
  • Ensuring that your billing and HER software is not outdated
  • Creating the checklist for employee performance and tasks
  • Avoiding the utilization of billing quantifiers and inappropriate codes

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