Fast Billing Solutions use robust medical billing software that is practice-friendly. The billing software assists providers or practices with their billing problems virtually. The advanced design of the software deals with reimbursement calculations, RCM, and financial data to a cutting-edge certainty level.

Features of Our Medical Billing Software

Our robust billing software can track all parts of the workflow of your medical billing. Whether it is reimbursement processing or making appointments, the medical billing software will handle all such tasks vigilantly. Below are some of the key features of our billing software.

  1. Front office workers can use this software to schedule appointments. They can check the eligibility status of patients with insurance companies. Moreover, office workers can also send reminders for appointments.
  2. The interaction data, when the doctor is seeing patients, will be sent to the medical billing software from EHR. It ensures that the communication level between the front office and clinical workers is up to the mark.
  3. The billing software also has Claim Scrubbing. This feature boosts the acceptance rates of the claim.

Indeed, our user-friendly software has everything that a practice or provider needs for flawless medical billing.

Difference between Software, Practice Management, and EHR

EHR (electronic-health-record) has its use specifically in manage patient records. The Electronic-Health-Record Incentive Programs via Medicaid and Medicare are the comprehensive components. CMS recognizes CEHRT 2015 edition as the acknowledged version for future and present MIPS reporting. Furthermore, the EHR’s meaningful use is what all providers must ensure.

The PMS (practice-management-system) works with the practices’ administrative element. How many staff members are on duty? Details, like employee attendance, patient data, and stock updates are the root of PMS.

The billing software helps in organizing claims and getting the optimum reimbursements for them. When assigning apt charges for the procedures done followed by appropriate ICD-10 coding, there will be no risks involved, but all about your skills.

You would be glad to know that Fast Billing Solutions offer free practice management software. For more information, feel free to call our toll-free number or send us an email by clicking here.

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